Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm back!

I'm also in a new place. Geographically, and otherwise.

I'm living in Chicago- someday I may be allowed to call it Chi-town, but I suspect that day is far in the future. Chicago is an interesting city. It is appallingly large and very humid, supposedly bitter cold in winter. I've only been here during more temperate seasons, and my first impression has not yet been overturned: the vegetation is more than startling, it is actually terrifying. This is a major metropolitan area. Millions of feet walk all over everything, I shudder to think how many cars make hour-long commutes every morning, and the whole city is cast in a palette of red brick and green, green everywhere, fighting out of cracks in the sidewalk, clinging to buildings, etc. When I enter a city I want to see some urban wasteland, dammit! Some signs that humans have left an indelible mark, some permanency. If everyone left (or died) all at the same time, the city would be nothing but jungle inside of 6 months.

Another problem is that people are, somehow, too friendly.

I can't muster up the courage to post on politics in the area. I thought they were bad in Tulsa. Silly me. Politics is an obsession, and it is neither healthy nor productive.

I'm currently not employed, and looking for work. I'm curious to see how that will pan out. I don't absolutely need work right now, but I desperately want it. We'll see how that goes.

I hope eventually to turn this blog toward more literary themes, but as of right now I'm a bit cut off from that world. School won't start for a while yet, and I'm at something of a loss. I may begin studying French in earnest. At some point I'm going to have to pass some kind of exam in some non-native language. At least it isn't German.

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  1. Ha! you are so right - the vegetation IS startling (sp?...wishing for spellcheck) Anyway, I always loved that about Chicago, how they manage to make the city green. One of my favorite parts. and the politics, well I can only say they are better from this distance perhaps. Enjoy the city and your new venture - take advantage, you'll miss it some day (except the weather).